Minion hat pattern with photos

Materials needed
I hook
E hook
yellow yarn
black yarn
Brown yarn
white yarn

Blue yarn

yarn needle

For the base of the hat I use the pattern just like the one for the owl hat here is the link….

For a child size hat I switched to black in row 8 and crocheted in black for 2 more rows on row 11 I switched back to yellow.

Once both earflaps are on the hat I did the border in a blue.

here is a link to the pattern I followed for the add on pieces for example the tongue and eye or eyes…

For the eyeball I did not use a button as a middle because of choking hazard

Round 1: with black yarn chain 2, 5 HDC in 2nd ch from hook join

Round 2: add brown yarn ch 2, 2HDC in each st around (10 st)

Round 3: 2 sc in each st around (20st)

I did add overall straps on each earflap  I hook ch. 22 HDC in 3rd ch from hook across finish off and leave long tail for sewing on repeat for 2nd strap

button for overall E hook ch 2 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook join finish off leave tail for sewing.

I have only made a child size hat so far this was my first minion hat so I will be taking notes with each addition size I make.





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